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Dumpster Rental USA

D.C. Dumpster Rental Checklist

Renting a roll off dumpster is not a task that an ordinary resident of D.C. confronts very often, unless they are moving or beginning a remodeling project. Most people, therefore, may lack experience and feel nervous about making the right choice. However, finding a reliable and reasonably-priced local dumpster rentals company is not all that difficult, and with this consumer's guide to renting dumpsters, you should find just what you need, for the price that you need, from a local dumpster container company right in D.C.

What Affects Dumpster Rental Costs?

  1. Dumpster size larger ones cost more to rent.
  2. Delivery location the farther away you are from the local landfill or disposal center, the more it costs to drive the container there.
  3. Landfill fees different dump sites charge different amounts; the charge can also depend on the materials being discarded. Regulations specific to D.C. may also apply.

Dumpster sizes which one is right for my project?

Roll off dumpsters are measured by their volume in cubic yards. A "20-yard dumpster," therefore, refers not to its length, but to the fact that it can carry 20 cubic yards of garbage. Rental dumpsters are typically available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard sizes.

If you need to know whether a given dumpster will fit in your driveway or yard, you can contact a local dumpsters rental service and ask them for the overall dimensions of each dumpster. If you're uncertain of the amount of debris that may result from your project, experienced rental services can give you useful advice based on the size of the house, or the extent of a remodeling job, so you only rent as big a container as you need.

How much can I rent a dumpster for in D.C.?

Prices depend on the rental company, and can vary widely. Most outfits charge a single rate for delivery, pickup and removal of a rental dumpster, although some companies charge separately for delivery. The flat rate usually includes a specific time period and weight (e.g. one week in duration and up to one ton of refuse).

It usually takes a phone call to get an accurate quote, since the cost may vary depending on the kind of garbage that you're disposing of, as well as the delivery location.

Renting dumpsters: the process.

First, determine the size of the roll off container you will need. Get a quote from a D.C. dumpster rental company, and don't forget to ask them about prices, rental period, standard weight cap, restrictions on types of waste (hazardous, recyclable), and any other rental conditions. Make a reservation and schedule delivery ahead of time.

After you are finished loading the dumpster, call the company and they will pick it up. Dumpster rental companies in D.C. typically take care of disposal, transfer or recycling of the trash that they pick up but make sure that they include this in your rate.

Where did roll off dumpsters get their name?

The naming convention is very literal roll off dumpsters are called this because they roll on and off a flat truck bed, which makes them very convenient for shipping and temporary installation. A roll off dumpster can be placed anywhere a moderate-sized truck can drive up.

These containers are the sine qua non of a large household cleanup, roofing or remodeling project. It's not just renovation that may require a dumpster for rent foreclosures, moving, estate clean-outs all can leave a large amount of detritus behind, which will need removal and disposal.


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