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How to Rent a Dumpster in Maine

Renting a large metal object for the first time can be a somewhat intimidating experience, but it doesn't take much expertise to rent dumpsters. With this short guide of tips and things to keep in mind, you'll find just the dumpster you need.

What Affects Dumpster Rental Fees in Maine?

  1. Size and Volume of Dumpsters A larger dumpster, in terms of length width and height, will cost more.
  2. Delivery Address The dumpster hauler will consider the distance they'll drive to deliver and haul the container to a landfill.
  3. Landfill fees Dump sites charge differently, based on weight and the materials being discarded. Regulations specific to Maine may also apply.

When Should I Look For Dumpsters to Rent?

A roll off dumpster is your best friend when it comes to large household cleanups. Moving house, spring cleaning, or clearing out a foreclosed residence typically results in large amounts of garbage that needs to be hauled off. A rental dumpster is also indispensable when doing construction or renovation, such as roof repair.

How Do Dumpster Rentals Work?

The first thing you need to decide on is the size of the roll off dumpster, based on the amount of debris you will need to have removed. Your local dumpsters rental company will help you out with this. Keep in mind that it's better to err on the side of too big most of the time, you won't be allowed to overfill a roll off dumpster, and will have to pay extra for a second one.

When you call up a dumpster rental company, ask them for a price quote for your residence, their standard rental period, maximum weight allowed, restrictions on hazardous materials or other types of waste, and any other special rental policies they may have.

When renting dumpsters, it's a good idea to make a reservation and schedule the drop-off in advance, over the phone. When the container is full, call the company back and they will pick it up for you. Dumpster rental companies typically take care of disposal and recycling.

When Renting Dumpster, Avoid These Pitfalls

There are many large national dumpster rental brokers; you may be tempted to go to them and not a local company, thinking they're more reliable, but this is generally not the case. First and foremost, these companies typically take a 10-15 percent cut of the price and market the job off to a local company anyway, so you end up paying more for the same service.

As a matter of fact, renting from a national broker may result in even worse service, since they need to coordinate large numbers of jobs between many small companies, and frequently get orders wrong. You may get the wrong dumpster, on the wrong day, for the wrong price.

You are much better off contacting a locally-owned, Maine-licensed and well-regarded waste management service and getting the job done quickly, cheaply and responsibly.

Making Sense of Dumpster Sizes

When looking at dumpsters, you will commonly hear their size measured in yards. This refers not to their length, but their capacity in cubic yards. A 10-yard dumpster, therefore, has a capacity of 10 cubic yards, or 270 cubic feet (since one cubic yard measures 3x3x3 feet). Roll off dumpsters typically come in sizes of 10, 20, 30 and 40 yards.

What Prices Can You Expect for Rental Dumpsters

Dumpster rental quotes in Maine depend on the company that provides the service. Most companies have one flat rate per dumpster size that includes delivery, a standard rental period, and disposal (although some companies charge separately for delivery, so be sure to ask). Typically, the rental period will be a week, and the price includes a cap on maximum weight. Just like a library book, a dumpster that you keep past the standard rental period will be charged an extra per day fee (generally, in the range of $5-10). The same goes if your trash weighs more than the maximum allowed for in the standard rental policy. Every dumpster gets weight before disposal, and you will be charged a fee for every ton over the limit (depending on landfill fees).

The typical home owner seldom has to worry about this, though, since home clean-out debris is relatively light; people doing construction and discarding materials such as brick and cement are running a more likely chance of going over.

When shopping for prices, don't forget to compare all of these factors: rental time, maximum weight, delivery charges and additional fees for various exigencies.

What Does the Name Roll Off Dumpster Mean?

It's a very literal naming convention these dumpsters have metal wheels that allow them to roll on and off flatbed trucks, which makes shipping and drop-off quick and easy. These dumpsters go by many names they may be referred to as construction dumpsters, driveway dumpsters, open-top dumpsters, roll off containers, trash dumpsters and other names.

IN maine

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Androscoggin County Maine 103,793
Aroostook County Maine 73,938
Cumberland County Maine 265,612
Franklin County Maine 29,467
Hancock County Maine 51,791
Kennebec County Maine 117,114
Knox County Maine 39,618
Lincoln County Maine 33,616
Oxford County Maine 54,755
Penobscot County Maine 144,919
Piscataquis County Maine 17,235
Sagadahoc County Maine 35,214
Somerset County Maine 50,888
Waldo County Maine 36,280
Washington County Maine 33,941
York County Maine 186,742
Anson City Maine 818
Auburn City Maine 23,203
Augusta City Maine 18,560
Bangor City Maine 31,473
Bar Harbor City Maine 2,680
Bath City Maine 9,266
Belfast City Maine 6,381
Berwick City Maine 1,993
Biddeford City Maine 20,942
Bingham City Maine 856
Boothbay Harbor City Maine 1,237
Brewer City Maine 8,987
Bridgton City Maine 2,359
Brunswick City Maine 14,816
Brunswick Station City Maine 1,511
Bucksport City Maine 2,970
Calais City Maine 3,447
Camden City Maine 3,934
Cape Neddick City Maine 2,997
Caribou City Maine 8,312
Chisholm City Maine 1,399
Clinton City Maine 1,305
Cumberland Center City Maine 2,596
Damariscotta-Newcastle City Maine 1,751
Dexter City Maine 2,201
Dixfield City Maine 1,137
Dover-Foxcroft City Maine 2,592
East Millinocket City Maine 1,701
Eastport City Maine 1,640
Ellsworth City Maine 6,456
Fairfield City Maine 2,569
Falmouth Foreside City Maine 1,964
Farmingdale City Maine 1,935
Farmington City Maine 4,098
Fort Fairfield City Maine 1,600
Fort Kent City Maine 1,978
Freeport City Maine 1,813
Fryeburg City Maine 1,549
Gardiner City Maine 6,198
Gorham City Maine 4,164
Greenville City Maine 1,319
Guilford City Maine 945
Hallowell City Maine 2,467
Hampden City Maine 4,126
Hartland City Maine 872
Houlton City Maine 5,270
Howland City Maine 1,210
Kennebunk City Maine 4,804
Kennebunkport City Maine 1,376
Kittery City Maine 4,884
Kittery Point City Maine 1,135
Lake Arrowhead City Maine 2,264
Lewiston City Maine 35,690
Limestone City Maine 1,453
Lincoln City Maine 2,933
Lisbon Falls City Maine 4,420
Little Falls-South Windham City Maine 1,792
Livermore Falls City Maine 1,626
Loring AFB City Maine 225
Machias City Maine 1,376
Madawaska City Maine 3,326
Madison City Maine 2,733
Mars Hill-Blaine City Maine 1,428
Mechanic Falls City Maine 2,450
Mexico City Maine 1,946
Milford City Maine 2,197
Millinocket City Maine 5,190
Milo City Maine 1,898
Newport City Maine 1,754
Norridgewock City Maine 1,557
North Berwick City Maine 1,580
North Windham City Maine 4,568
Norway City Maine 2,623
Oakland City Maine 2,758
Old Orchard Beach City Maine 8,856
Old Town City Maine 8,130
Orono City Maine 8,253
Oxford City Maine 1,300
Pittsfield City Maine 3,217
Portland City Maine 64,249
Presque Isle City Maine 9,511
Randolph City Maine 1,911
Richmond City Maine 1,864
Rockland City Maine 7,609
Rumford City Maine 4,795
Saco City Maine 16,822
Sanford City Maine 10,133
Scarborough City Maine 3,867
Searsport City Maine 1,102
Skowhegan City Maine 6,696
South Eliot City Maine 3,445
South Paris City Maine 2,237
South Portland City Maine 23,324
South Sanford City Maine 4,173
Springvale City Maine 3,488
Thomaston City Maine 2,714
Topsham City Maine 6,271
Unity City Maine 486
Van Buren City Maine 2,369
Waldoboro City Maine 1,291
Waterville City Maine 15,605
West Kennebunk City Maine 809
Westbrook City Maine 16,142
Wilton City Maine 2,290
Winslow City Maine 7,743
Winterport City Maine 1,307
Winthrop City Maine 2,893
Wiscasset City Maine 1,203
Woodland City Maine 1,044
Yarmouth City Maine 3,560
York Harbor City Maine 3,321

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