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Vehicle Donation Services for Charity

"Transfer the most Positive Benefits with your Vehicle Donation by Selecting the Receiving Charity Program with Care!"

Charities and the people they support have always depended on the kindness of strangers. And for the large part people respond, with donations in the form of money, clothing, food and more. One item that some may not have thought of giving are cars.

Cars are a great item to donate, because it provides the charity with multiple uses. They could sell it at auction, or use it to transport people or supplies to places where they're needed. But those who donate a vehicle will be eligible for a substantial tax credit. Currently the ceiling for car donation tax credit is $500. It used to be the market value of the vehicle but this has since changed due to donors receiving more than the worth of their car.

It is possible to receive more than the $500 dollar limit for your car however. For instance, if the charity sells the vehicle you can receive a tax credit for the total amount sold but you'll have to receive a sales slip from the charity for verification. There are additional nuances that will determine the worth of your vehicle dependent on how the charity uses it.

Things To Keep In Mind When Donating A Vehicle

Thoroughly research the charity. You're giving them a large donation, so you should find out how your car will be used. Then you have to do the work on your end, like properly valuing your vehicle and completing any of the necessary paperwork for the IRS. Drive the car to the charity if possible, so they don't have to expend any expense in retrieving it.

2 Recommended Charities That Accept Car Donations

The Cancer Education Foundation, or the CEF, is a Connecticut based nonprofit whose mission is to provide education programs to those with cancer and those who are recovering from it. Their program, which they offer free of charge, takes place over five weeks. Each week, the people attending the program will learn about different treatment and support options available to them. The CEF believes it's important to keep cancer victims knowledgeable of the most up to date information available so they can make educated decisions about their future. For more information about their services and how to donate please visit their website here.


God's Kids, which is based out of California, is a charity which helps orphans worldwide. In order to do this they provide funding and strict guidelines for orphanages. This is done to make sure that the orphanages care for their charges correctly and use the donations they receive responsibly. Unfortunately, many orphanages worldwide are corrupt which is why the work God's Kids does is so important. You can visit their donation page and learn more about their services at their main website.



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